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A Blind for Every Type of Hunt

Every hunter needs laydown blinds for hunting in the field, popup blinds for keeping covered when necessary and a chair blind for keeping cover while seated in a chair. Without shooting blinds, hunters wouldn’t be able to hunt undetected – and that’s why people who use a hunter’s blind tend to have far more successful hunts than their unprotected counterparts. By using a blind, you can keep yourself hidden from ducks, geese, other waterfowl and even four-legged prey like deer, thereby increasing the probability of a more successful hunt.

There is a blind for every hunter; if you need a larger hunter’s blind for your larger body size or you would like to accommodate multiple hunters, those can be custom made if you are unable to find one pre-made to suit your needs.

Can You Make Your Own Shooting Blinds?

Absolutely! For years, many hunters have opted to make their own laydown blinds using camouflage material specifically designed for shooting blinds. You want to use fabric that is lightweight, waterproof and easily cleaned – but you also want fabric and other materials that make your blind as durable and protective as possible. Here, you can find a selection of hunter’s blind fabric that fits that description.

Another popular activity for hunters is to make their own hunter’s blind to fit over a boat. Of course, boat hunting is a bit trickier than ground hunting, and therefore new hunters should always be accompanied by someone more experienced their first few times out. Making your own chair blind can also be a fun activity, and there are many online resources that can help you do it.

Popup Blinds for Turkey Hunting

There are even specific turkey blinds designed for helping hunters bag bigger, plumper and even healthier turkeys; these blinds are very popular in regions where wild turkeys abound, and the turkeys are shy around humans. By using turkey blinds, you can masquerade as a mud hut, beaver dam or other natural structure, unless you place your blind behind trees in an attempt to blend in with your wooded surroundings.

Doing this with your popup blind is a great way to stalk prey in a forest area, provided that you have a permit to hunt in that area. Types of turkey blinds include bullpen blinds, open air pens, doghouse hunting blinds and even outhouse style blinds, but turkey hunters may occasionally use lay down blinds if the landscape and the habits of the turkeys allow for it.

Can You Hunt without a Blind?

“Can I hunt without a blind?” Ask that question of any serious hunter, and they will probably tell you, “No – but I can.” That is because experienced hunters are more adept at shielding themselves from their prey, and are skilled at using decoys, bird calls and other advanced hunting tactics. If you are a hunter who is still amassing experience, it is best to get your feet wet first before attempting to hunt without a hunter’s blind. The good news is, hunting is such a versatile sport that it is easy to become proficient in a relatively short amount of time; that is even more so the case when it comes to hunting duck, goose and turkey. Blinds are definitely necessary when you begin hunting these game birds, and you will likely find yourself far more successful as a result of using one.

Making Your Hunt Easier

And if you opt to hunt with a canine companion, your hunt can be even easier. If your dog is a hunting breed, such as a retriever, foxhound, pointer or even a beagle, you may not even need to train it because its instincts are to flush out birds and retrieve them for you. Of course, you may also want to invest in a popup blind that has enough room to accommodate your loyal, four-legged friend. Some laydown blinds may be appropriate for your

Help with Choosing a Hunter’s Blind

If this is your first time purchasing a blind for hunting – or, it has been a while since you bought your last shooting blinds – then feel free to contact us with your questions before you place an order. Our duck, goose and turkey blind experts will be glad to offer the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase of ground or popup blinds.

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