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A Layout Blind for Every Hunter | Pre-Made and DIY Layout Hunting Blinds

Layout blinds are an absolute must for the hunter who loves to enjoy the thrill of an open air hunt on a beautiful day. There is simply nothing like aiming toward a packed fly-by of ducks or geese and harvesting a hefty bag to take home. In order to do it comfortably and spend as much time out in the field as possible, hunters need waterfowl layout blinds that protect give them adequate camouflage from their prey, in addition to making the ground more comfortable and the day more enjoyable. For people who love hunting, that’s what it’s all about!

At Duck Hunting Grass Blinds, we have layout hunting blinds for every hunter. Duck hunting layout blinds are just where we begin, because we know they are among the most popular. But we certainly aren’t limited to layout blinds for duck hunting; here, you can get waterfowl layout blinds for geese, brands and any other waterfowl that is approved for hunting in your area.

If convenience is one of your top criteria when it comes to choosing your hunting blinds, you will be glad to know that our pin-free layout duck blinds can be set up in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. They are also incredibly easy to transport from one hunting location to another. That’s because while they are very durable, sturdy and supportive, they are also lightweight enough for ease of portability. For hunters that like to stalk, search and be on the move, that kind of convenience is important.

A More Comfortable Layout Blind, for a More Enjoyable Hunt
And because life’s too short to hunt in uncomfortable layout hunting blinds, our layout blinds for duck hunting provide comfort and cushion in the right places. We have both single man and double man layout blinds, with waterproof bottoms that protect hunters from several inches of water underneath. They also offer comfortable head support, which allows for relaxed hunting in the field for hours. When it’s time to zip up in anticipation of the fly-by, the flexible mesh viewers provide the necessary visibility to see the prey while still remaining carefully concealed.

Flag Friendly Layout Blinds for Duck Hunting
Of course, we still haven’t mentioned flagging. The popular flagging method, which involves using a small flag with a winged appearance, is rooted in the theory that birds like ducks and geese respond to (what appears to be) a wing motion on the ground. New hunters, or even experienced hunters who are new to flagging, may be unsure how to flag down their prey successfully in a layout blind – but with many of our waterfowl layout blinds, there are hidden ports for designed to allow you to reach out and wave your flag, so you can entice the birds while keeping yourself safely hidden. The ports are designed to accommodate both right handed and left handed hunters, which only adds to the convenience factor when choosing a layout blind supplier.

Making Your Own Layout Blinds | The Best Layout Blind Material
In addition to pre-made duck hunting layout blinds, we have hunting blind material that can be used to create your own layout duck blinds. We highly recommend that if you are going the do it yourself route, you invest in our printed camo material so that you will have less work to do in order to complete your layout blind successfully. Many of the instructions, videos and tutorials for DIY layout blinds for duck hunting require you to thread dried grasses through a nylon sleeping bag or other cushion; this is not only time consuming, but it also results in a much less comfortable blind. Imagine spending all day in an itchy, rough layout blind stuffed with organic materials that could attract insects and other pests – and then, compare that to spending the day in the comfort of a soft, durable blind you still made yourself, but with smooth, perfectly camouflaged material. It can make quite a difference! And that’s what we offer at Tiki Shack Importer: more comfortable waterfowl layout blinds, for far more enjoyable hunting experiences. To place an order or ask us any questions regarding our wide selection of layout blinds and layout blind accessories, please contact us using the information below.

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