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Beyond the Goose Blind: Tips for Goose Hunters

Even the most experienced goose hunter can have one of those dreaded “empty bag” days. To decrease the likelihood of that happening to you when you go out on your next hunt, here are some tips from some of the world’s most successful goose hunters.

1. Always be decoying.
If you have decoys, you definitely need to use them – and if you don’t have decoys, you should get some right away. A goose hunting blind is essential for a successful hunt, yes – but don’t forget, so are decoys. So the next time you are tempted to only order goose hunting blinds, place an order for a few more decoys as well. You will be glad you did.
And once you are out in the field, don’t forget to spread your decoys out for a more realistic scene. Experts agree that hunters who put their decoys one on top of the other are much less likely to attract geese. That’s because geese have a wingspan of anywhere from four to six feet, and the geese will get suspicious if the decoys are too close. With that in mind, make sure there is enough space in between your decoys (anywhere from two to five large steps apart) before you retreat to the comfort of your layout goose blinds.

2. Carry multiple goose calls.
Like other waterfowl, geese tend to make more than one distinct sound. For that reason, it is important to have more than one type of goose call on hand. When you’re waiting patiently for that next fly-by on your goose layout blind, keep at least two different goose calls with you. Experts recommend an acrylic short-reed goose call that produces a loud tone with a high-pitched sharpness, as well as a wooden, short-reed call with a softer, deeper sound (some would call this a more “realistic” sounding goose call). When those sounds alternate emitting from your goose blinds, geese are more likely to believe your scene is authentic. They also complement each other in varying weather conditions.

3. Avoid the wind if possible.
Canadian geese can be challenging to finish in windy conditions. They tend to land out of the wind, and so it is a good idea to set up out of the wind, no matter whether you are using goose pit blinds or goose layout blinds. Not only will it help you have a more effective hunt, but it will also help you enjoy your time in the field more because you will be away from the blistering wind. That doesn’t mean your portable goose blinds aren’t necessary; every hunter needs reliable blinds to keep hidden, in addition to staying protected from the elements. The goose blinds for sale here can do both.

4. Keep calm and don’t gawk.
In other words, stay still; there should be no movement until it’s time for the shot. As for gawking, remember that looking up at the geese can tip them off to your presence. Whoever is taking the shot is the only one who should be looking at them. Everyone else in the group can stay inside the goose decoy blind and look away. The goose hunting blinds for sale here are large enough to accommodate small groups, including hunting dogs; they can keep the whole party hidden, and allow for every hunter to get his turn.

5. Decoys can move, though.
Although hunters need to remain still, decoy motion is actually encouraged. This is why motorized decoys are so popular. Whether your decoys are motorized or not, make sure yours have motion bases – and use as many floaters as you can, if you plan to set up your goose hunting pit blinds near the water.

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