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Boat Blinds for the Serious Duck Hunter

For the duck hunter who wants to skim the waters undetected while searching for that next big bag, a high quality boat blind is a must in order to stay hidden and gather as many ducks as possible. Whether you’re a new or seasoned duck hunter, take a moment to read more about duck blinds for boats. You just might learn something new!

What a Duck Boat Blind Does for Hunters
Duck boat blinds offer hunters the cover they need while floating in the boat or canoe they are using to stalk and capture waterfowl – namely ducks, but also geese and brant. The purpose of having a duck blind on your boat is to keep yourself camouflaged from your targets – the idea being that they won’t suspect a thing, because you are blending in with the natural surroundings.
Blinds for boats are different from the blinds that duck hunters use when hunting on the ground (also known as ground blinds). This is because a duck blind for boats will fit snuggly around the boat to cover the entire top. Think of it as a sturdy, floatable tent for your duck hunting boat. Duck blinds that are covered in fabric from retailers have come a long way over the years; the camouflage fabric is now higher quality, more durable and far more natural looking than ever before.
The rolls of fabric are also available in more sizes than ever, which is very convenient in light of the increase in boat sizes. If you are building both ground and boat blinds, it is likely that you will want to order fabric in two different sizes because each of your two structures will be a different size.

A Natural Looking Boat Duck Blind
As long as they are high quality, the camouflage on custom boat blinds is indistinguishable from the surrounding landscape of grasses, mud plains and beaver dams from the duck’s vantage point.
Of course, some hunters prefer to make their own shaggy boat blind without fabric. When doing this, the must-haves include blind boat plans, a wood structure, and an assortment of natural materials to cover it in (natural grasses, sticks and hay are what deliver the “shaggy” appearance ducks are fooled by, because the structure resembles a beaver dam). When building a boat duck blind like this, the camouflage material may not be as necessary because of all the natural materials that are being used to cover it. However, these projects are not without drawbacks.

Why You Need the Camo
The most commonly recommended type of boat for converting into duck blind boats is a jon boat. Duck blind conversions are a fun, rewarding project if you have the time and resources. Of course, not everyone has the space to do this project either. And if you aren’t hunting on your own land, then elaborate homemade boat blinds may be hard to transport and store.
If that is the case for you, then a duck blind for boats that is purchased from a retailer is sometimes the more practical option. You can use the duck blind fabric to construct an easily transported boat duck blind, one that can serve you well for years to come. Plus, there are brands that have some incredibly natural looking blinds in their inventory – namely, a Go-Devil boat blind. This manufacturer is trusted by seasoned duck hunters all over the world, and we make their products available at a very affordable price.

Blind Boat Dimensions
There are numerous duck blind dimensions available; what you choose will depend largely on the size of the boat you are using. What we make available are panels or rolls of boat blind material, available in the following size selections: 4'x4'. 4'x10', 4'x20', 4'x30', 4'x60', 52"x10', 52"x20', 52"x30' and 52"x60'. Because we offer custom boat blinds, we may be able to accommodate other sizes as well. All of these are available with free same day shipping.

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Homemade boat blinds are just a few clicks away, and if you have questions, we will be glad to answer them. Contact us at the number below to ask about our boat duck blind selection. We will be glad to help you by answering questions about our products, how they are made and what they can do. Need advice on what size to order? We can help with that, too! Contact us today to get the information you need for a successful duck hunting season.

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