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Camo Boat Tips for Duck Hunters

A camo boat is the number one necessity for any serious duck hunter, and for good reason: They disguise the hunters from their targets, whether the ducks are flying in the air or swimming nearby.

Camo boats are not a type of boat, of course; they are simply the term used for any hunting boat – most commonly a jon boat, canoe or even a kayak – after it has been decked out in camouflage (“camo”) print. In order to make your boat camo like the most seasoned duck hunters do, you can choose from one or more of the following options.

Option 1: Paint Your Boat Camo
One option is to paint your boat camo. According to those who know how to camo a boat and have had success with it, the best way to camo a boat is to start with an oil-based paint in a beige tone; then, spray a camo pattern over it with the camouflage spray paint available from your local hardware store. Yes, there is camouflage spray paint; it is comprised of dark brown and green hues, and it can be a convenient way to paint camo boats if indeed you decide to go that route.

After that, how do you spray the camouflage pattern over the beige foundation on your camo boat? It’s easier than you may think. The camo pattern can be done by forming a design with painter’s tape, just as you would tape off your design with any paint project; or if you prefer to avoid using excessive tape, then using two small pieces of tape to temporarily attach a lightweight, flexible pipe tube to the boat can also work. Some people like the unexpected lines that certain types of pipe can form. In fact, some people form the pattern with cattails, because they are the natural vegetation that the boat camo pattern is intended to resemble.

In any case, painting a pattern is one option for those who want to know how to camo a boat. It is worth noting that about six cans of paint must be used to cover a standard-sized hunting boat.

Option 2: Build a Camo Boat Blind
Another option is to focus on the top of the boat by creating a boat blind camo. With this option, you can still paint the boat if desired – but if you make a boat blind large enough, that may not be necessary. Some of the best camo duck boats have all the camo on top, with blinds that cover the entire boat so the boat is not visible to the birds’ naked eyes. To do this, use supplies like PVC pipe to construct a frame; waterproof camo boat fabric that is lightweight and easy to work with; and duck boat camo netting that can be used to create vision panels (also known as window panels) in the boat blind. Many hunters will also adorn the top with natural dried grass rolls, which are sold exclusively for duck blinds and can be purchased here.

Becoming a Camo Boat Pro
After completing this project, you’ll never need to ask how to camo your boat again; this is a project that is sure to “break in” anyone who is new to making their own camo boats. Some people become so good at it that they are asked to make camo boats for sale – and if you become one of those people, good for you! The duck hunting community always needs craftsmen who know how to camo a boat, make a boat blind camo and provide other important hunting equipment services. It plays a big role in opening up the timeless sport of duck hunting to new generations of hunters every year.

Get Your Camo Boat Supplies Here
Whether you opt to paint your boat camo, focus on creating a killer camo blind or wish to do both, we hope you will start by getting your camo boat supplies here. We carry many of the essentials for camo duck boats, including boat blind camo fabric to form a boat blind cover, duck boat camo netting for vision panels and grass rolls to top off the boat so it looks like an authentic, natural structure on the water.

Contact Us with Camo Boat Questions
And if you have any questions before you make your boat camo purchase, we will be glad to answer them. Simply contact us using the information below; we look forward to hearing from you.

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