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For the duck hunter – really, hunters of any prey – staying camouflaged with one’s surroundings is absolutely crucial in order to succeed. That’s why duck hunting blinds are so important for duck hunters, and it’s why they should be available at reasonable prices with accessible, direct-to-your-door shipping options. Let’s explore what duck blinds are, and how they can be of assistance to the hunter in a variety of scenarios.

Custom Duck Blinds: What Types are Available?
A duck hunting blind is designed to conceal duck hunters from the waterfowl they are targeting; it is normally a tent structure that covers the boat they hunter is sitting in, printed in grassy camouflage tones of green and brown, thereby seamlessly blending him in with the natural vegetation and surroundings from the duck’s vantage point. These floating duck blinds are the most common and practical type of duck blind for day hunts that require hunters to be on the lake or river.

Of course, there are other duck blind designs available as well; after all, duck hunters are not limited to hunting on the water. For commercial properties or hunting on one’s own large property, there is also a ground duck blind that can be permanently installed on the land. Because they are comprised of a seating bench surrounded by a fencing structure, these ground models are sometimes referred to as “steel duck blinds.” They may resemble a baseball dugout, or they may have a shed-like appearance. What you choose will depend on preference, environment and the frequency of your hunting.

Duck Blind Tips: Concealing Yourself from Prey
Although duck blinds are an incredible product, there are ways to make them even more efficient and get the most mileage out of your investment. Remember, the goal is for the waterfowl you are targeting to be unaware of your presence so you can make the shot more easily and accurately. Here are some ways to do it:

Add motion. In the old days, hunters used jerk strings and other gadgets to make ripples in the water and attract ducks’ attention. But today, we have motion decoys that make creating ripples even easier. There are also motors that can achieve this.
Imitate a water hole. This is one of those duck blind tips that is best for ground hunting. If hunting from the ground using steel duck blind covers, create a phony water hole using sheets of plastic that are cut to resemble small watering holes.

Putting some weeds around the plastic, placing decoys on top of it to resemble swimming ducks and splashing the surface with some water will create the illusion of a shimmering water hole near your ground duck blind. Ideally, will be attractive your targets. This is especially effective when the ground is frozen elsewhere, because waterfowl will recognize it as a rare thawed-out watering hole.

Make things muddy. Surprisingly, many ducks are smart enough to notice when water is “too” clear. If the water so clear that it appears unnatural, some ducks will pass it by; fortunately, you can remedy this by adding mud to the mix. By making the water muddy, you can create the illusion that ducks are feeding in the shallows on your body of water. Then, position your duck hunting blind in a way that gives you a clear shot, while still keeping yourself hidden. You just amped up your chances of success.

Make things look lazy. In warmer weather, ducks tend to spend a lot of time sleeping – so to make your scene look as realistic as possible on a warm hunting day, place some sleeper decoys in the mix so your targets will be less likely to pass you up. Simply drill a few holes into a log, and insert your decoy sticks. Place your decoys on the log, and you have a very realistic looking scene. Then, retreat to your duck blind and wait for the action to begin. Hopefully, these duck blind tips will be helpful to you on your next hunt.

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