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Duck boats for Duck and Goose Season

“Is it goose season yet? What about duck season?” For those who are new to the sport of duck and goose hunting, these are questions that may be asked sincerely, even naively. But for seasoned, experienced and enthusiastic hunters, they are rhetorical questions asked year round, right up until the season happens – similar to asking, “Are we there yet?” Duck and goose hunters love nothing more than that first time out of the season, huddled in duck boats, covered by their blinds with their binoculars clutched in hand.

So, when is duck or goose season? Duck and goose season varies by regions throughout North America, but as a general rule it tends to begin in mid-October and end in late February or early March. In cold climate areas, the season may last even longer; some regions actually have an officially declared “late season” that lasts into early spring.
In any case, duck or goose season is scheduled for the time of year when those particular fowl are likely to migrate over the area. Ducks and geese are migratory birds, and that means that the best window of opportunity for hunters is when they are flying by.

Duck boats: A Must Have for Every Hunter
Whether a hunter prefers duck or goose hunting, a proper hunting boat is an absolute must have. Ground hunting is great, but most hunters are interested in both ground and boat hunting – and rightfully so, because duck or goose hunting on the water is its own special kind of thrill.

But what kind of boat should a duck or goose hunter use? Duck boats, of course. Duck boats are designed for either duck or goose hunting; they are typically retrofitted jon boats, canoes or kayaks, but other boat designs can be converted into duck boats as well.

Boat Blinds: All Goose and Duck boats Need Them
No matter what type of boat is being used, one indispensable part of the boat is the blind. The blind is what is used to cover the top of the boat, so that the hunter(s) will not be seen by the goose flocks or ducks as they fly by. It’s more than just a “shade” – it’s an actual cover, constructed with panels of netting so that the hunter can still see through.
Blinds for duck boats can be made from a variety of materials, but the following supplies are normally recommended:
 °Sturdy pipes to form the frame (PVC pipes are great for making the frames of blind covers on duck boats)

 °Lightweight camouflage netting, which can be draped across the entire frame and used as vision panels

 °Real grass mats designed especially for draping over duck boats (this may resemble tiki hut grass)

 °Strong ties designed for securing the netting and grass to the frame

Once you have gathered these supplies, the next step is to construct the frame using plans found from a trustworthy source. There are many online resources for building the frames of goose and duck boats, and some of them are available for free. Our customer service department is also available to answer many customer questions regarding the construction of duck boats. If you need further assistance, we will be happy to provide references to some excellent resources.

Once the frame is secured onto the boat with the proper brackets, the netting can be draped overhead and secured as well. The final step is to cover the netting with the grass mats, which are cut with the express purpose of being used as covers for duck boats. That makes them easy to hang over the frame, leaving four to five inches in between each panel so that the netting is strategically exposed for the hunters’ visual convenience.
A boat blind is an essential part of duck and goose season; don’t go out on the boat without one! If you do not wish to construct your own blind, it can be purchased in a pre-fabricated kit instead. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before duck or goose season starts.

We’re Ready to Help Goose Hunters
If you’re just starting out as a duck or goose hunter, you’re bound to get excited – maybe even overcome – by all the goose hunting accessories that are available. If so, feel free to contact us with your questions before you place an order for any duck or goose supplies; we will be glad to help you make an informed decision.

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