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Goose Hunting FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions on Goose Hunting

Goose hunting has been a popular waterfowl sport for many decades, particularly throughout North America where geese pass over while migrating south during the cold season. From California to Canada on the West Coast and of course, throughout the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada – and yes, also in many states throughout middle America, particularly in the rural areas of those states – hunting goose birds has been a staple of the outdoors man and frontier lifestyle. If you are new to the activity, you need as much information as possible to increase the likelihood that your first experience with goose hunting will be enjoyable and successful. With that in mind, here are some important FAQs about hunting goose birds:

Q: When is goose hunting season?
A: Although exact dates vary by region throughout North America, the goose hunting season in most areas starts in mid-October and ends in late January. Some areas denote a “late season” for hunting white goose birds and whitefront geese; this will usually extend the season through mid-March.

The best way to find out when it is goose hunting season is in your area is to check the website of the hunting grounds you plan to frequent, whether it is a publically managed regional park or privately owned hunting club. If you plan to hunt on legally denoted grounds on state land, check the website of your state’s Department of Fish and Game or Department of Wildlife. In Canada, check with the Department of Natural Resources or Fish and Wildlife Branch for your specific province to find out when goose hunting season is.

Q: What kind of goose hunting equipment do I need?
A: Your checklist of goose hunting gear can be very basic if you’re a beginner, or extensive if you are seasoned. A good starter checklist for goose hunting equipment includes your firearm (check out the firearm guidelines for the location where you plan to hunt), your hunting license, a hunting blind for keeping yourself comfortably hidden, a goose hunting call (a short reed goose call or goose flute), a pair of binoculars, camouflage clothing and headwear, a goose decoy and, if desired, extra protection for your hunting dog (a first aid kit, an electronic collar, etc.).

Q: What goose hunting gear do I need to prepare the birds after the kill?
A: If you plan to do the post-kill bird preparation by yourself, you will need additional goose hunting equipment such as gutting gloves, a processing knife, game shears, plastic bags, freezer paper and freezer tape. If you prefer to have a bag that is sturdier than a plastic bag, many outdoor lifestyle retailers sell goose hunting gear camouflage nylon bags that can be zipped up and keep the birds cool. If you are not ready to handle preparation yourself this goose hunting season, many hunting grounds offer post-kill preparation services for an extra fee.

Q: Is my dog a hunting dog?
A: There are many hunting dog breeds that also make good household pets, include spaniels, which are excellent at flushing out birds, and retrievers, which are known for their ability to quickly retrieve birds after the kill. Some of the best goose hunting dogs include Labrador retrievers, American foxhounds, beagles, pointers, bloodhounds, golden retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Weimaraners, coonhounds and Irish setters.

Q: Can I hunt goose birds without a hunting dog?
A: Yes, many hunters do. It’s just a matter of learning to flush out birds yourself, and being willing to walk to the spot where the birds drop so you can retrieve them yourself.

Q: Can my dog be trained to be a hunting dog?
A: Although it’s impossible to say for sure, many a goose hunting enthusiast has trained his dog to help him flush out and retrieve birds more effectively. Many outdoor lifestyle emporiums hold hunting dog training classes; check the location nearest you to inquire.
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If you still have questions regarding goose hunting or goose hunting gear, contact us today! We will be glad to provide you with more information on our products and help you with any goose hunting questions we can. Don’t wait until goose hunting season; call us today, so you can be ready when it’s time to get out there!

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