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Grass for Boats and Blinds: An Essential Part of Hunting

High quality camo grass: Where would duck hunters be without it? A grass boat is the best way to float alongside the ducks undetected, and a grass camo blind is the best way to protect oneself from the wet ground, wind and sun while hunting on land. There’s just no way around it, and that’s the way it should be.

These things are only possible when using real camo grass mats, though. Don’t settle for synthetic varieties; the ducks won’t be fooled by them, and after you’ve tried real grass mats, you won’t be either. Hunting is a natural sport that warrants natural accessories whenever possible; using authentic hunting grass is one way you can incorporate more nature into your hunt. And what could be better than that?

What is Duck Grass Camo?
Camouflage grass is not what people normally think of when they hear the word “camouflage” (the brown and green, irregularly spotted pattern that may come to mind) – but rather, it is real grass that has been professionally and methodically processed so that it can be piled on top of a hunting boat, over a layout hunting blind, or on the roof of a ground hunting blind.

In any of these applications, the grass (combined with the other materials used to make the blind) can successfully fool ducks into thinking they are looking at a beaver, muskrat or mud hut – or some other natural structure – as they fly over. If they are indeed fooled, they will be more likely to fly lower and be prime for the kill.

The Goal of Using Duck Grass
When using any kind of grass camouflage for hunting, the goal of the hunter should always be to stay hidden, so that the targets will be deceived and they can be removed more effectively. The end result of properly used duck hunting grass is a more successful hunt, period.

But commercially sold duck grass is not just any grass product, and it certainly isn’t harvested by the hunter. Instead, real grass mats come from natural sources like tropical palm thatch or African plain grasses. After they are harvested from their source, they are washed in boiling water, then dried and cured in the sun before being woven together into strips to form grass mats for hunting. This is the only kind of hunting grass that duck hunters should trust – knotted and woven so that it can be cut without unraveling.

Camouflage Grass Made in the USA
Perhaps your next questions are, “Tropical palm? African plains? Can duck grass camo be purchased in the United States?” The answer is, absolutely! These natural products are properly, ethically commercialized, and sold as woven mats that roll right up, ready to be used for duck boat grass. They are then sold as Avery grass mats, Quack grass camo or other brands that have been trusted by hunters for years – sometimes, even decades. And this is one of the best places to find them.

Using Duck Boat Camo Grass for a Boat Blind
One of the most practical ways to use hunting grass is to build a hunting boat blind. A good boat blind will cover the entire hunting boat, usually over a frame that is constructed with sturdy, safe piping (many hunters use PVC pipe, for example). There are also lightweight metal poles that work well, in addition to boat blind kits that are already pre-fabricated to fit together perfectly. There are many boat blind plans online that can be accessed for free, including a number of videos on YouTube and other popular sources.

Once the frame of the boat is constructed, the duck hunting grass can be draped over it and secured with ties specially made for this application; that way, the entire cover will have better longevity because it will stand up to the elements and endure the seasons. When using the real grass mats to do this, the goal is to create a blind that completely covers all hunters in the boat so that the ducks will not see the boat as a threat. Remember, this is camouflage grass; that means blending in.

In between the panels of camo grass, leave four to five inches to make room for grass camo netting. The netting is designed to act as a vision panel, so that everyone on the boat can see through the blind. If you are unsure how this should look, there are numerous online photos that can be used as visual guides. Remember, your boat was an investment; don’t sell yourself short when it comes to constructing the blind.

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