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How to Use Blind Grass for Hunting

Smart, experienced hunters don’t dream of going out into the field without a grass blind. That is especially the case for duck hunters, who need to use duck blind grass in order to keep themselves hidden from their waterfowl targets. Remember, ducks are very intuitive creatures; they are less likely to fly low or touch down on the ground if they see what looks like a threat on the ground. But when hunters hide themselves behind blind grass, the ducks are far more likely to get close up and within shooting range. Using a blind can improve a hunter’s odds of success substantially.

Using Duck Blind Material Grass for Hunting
What some people, particularly those who are new to the hunting hobby, may not realize is that grass for duck blinds can be used in a variety of ways. Hunters who opt to make their own blinds are used to making them for both land (also known as ground blinds or layout blinds) as well as water (typically called boat blinds). Here are some basic how-tos on both of those projects.

To make grass mats for hunting blinds, the simplest way to do it is to attach a pre-cut duck blind grass roll to a sheet of heavy duty plastic, vinyl or another waterproof material (which can be stuffed for better cushioning, if desired). If done properly, this will make a ground blind that can be used for hunting trips for years to come.
Upkeep is simple: Just apply a recommended protective treatment product as necessary to maintain the waterproof character of the fast grass duck blind. If the blind is made from real dried grasses, then it will need to be aired out in between uses. Always store duck blind grass mats in a cool, dry place after use for better longevity.

Making a Fast Grass Boat Blind
As for boat blinds, hunters who are interested in making those can use the fast grass blind material as boat blind grass to cover their hunting boats – which are often canoes, jon boats or other small to medium sized river boats (motorized or not). Grass mats for blinds can be applied to a pre-existing boat cover, or one that the hunter makes himself (most commonly out of PVC pipe).

There are numerous places to find the plans for building these hunting boat covers online; once you find one that works for you, construct your frame and then apply the duck blind grass material using a staple gun. While traditional hunting websites and discussion boards are still a great place to find them, some hunters have found the popular website Pinterest to be a good resource as well.

In any case, creating an authentic, natural appearance makes a blind that ducks are even more likely to be fooled by. Ducks typically recognize a boat cover like this as being some kind of mud hut, muskrat hut or beaver dam structure; that’s what makes grass mats for duck blinds such effective tools for duck hunters.

Other Projects for Grass Blind Material
For someone who is dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle, a roll of quack grass duck blind fabric can be useful for a variety of other projects. Some people go as far as to make a duck blind boat house, which should be regarded as a permanent or semi-permanent structure because it should be anchored into the ground. Of course, not everyone has a body of water on their own property. For those who are interested in building a mobile duck blind (also known as a motorized duck blind or duck blind vehicle), they may wish to retrofit a truck in blind grass.

Take note, a project like this requires a working knowledge of car mechanics; most trucks will need to be stripped down to the motor and chassis in order to be a viable motorized duck blind. Some construction knowledge is also important, because the blind in the bed of the truck will need to have a pre-treated wood frame before it is covered in the duck blind grass.

Of course, those who want an even simpler project can use grass for duck blinds to make outdoor décor for the home. There are ample project ideas available online.
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