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 For the duck, goose or game hunter who wants to be as active and mobile in the field as possible while still remaining protected from the wet ground, harsh winds and possible rain, portable hunting blinds are absolutely mandatory in order to have a successful hunt. That’s because hunting blinds are the key to keeping hunters disguised from their prey, so they can take more shots and bag more birds – and, a portable hunting blind shields the hunter and improves his protection from the harsh outdoor elements.
A portable duck blind also ensures he is camouflaged, because it helps him to masquerade as part of the natural landscape features in the environment. Keep reading to learn more!

Types of Portable Blinds for Hunting
There is more than one type of portable duck hunting blind available to hunters. The most common type of portable ground blind is a blind that is meant to be laid out on the ground, also known as a “layout” blind. Some would say that it is similar to a sleeping bag in terms of design, but there’s a big difference. For one thing, the portable duck blind is constructed with more sturdy materials inside that help the blind act as a protective barrier between the hunter and the damp, muddy and sometimes unsanitary ground beneath him.

What Color is a Portable Duck Blind?
By and large, portable ground blinds are almost always made from some type of camouflage print in order to resemble grasses, rocks, mud huts and other natural landscape features. It may also be made from a solid, muted green print that blends in with certain types of vegetation. In any case, the colors and tones on a portable hunting blind are what deceives game birds into believing the hunter is not there.
But portable waterfowl blinds are not the only type of portable blinds for hunting. Hunters that prefer to stalk four-legged prey also need a portable blind in order to have a successful hunt. What they need is portable deer blinds, which are designed specifically for shielding hunters from deer and other legally hunted mammals.

Alternatives to Layout Portable Duck Blinds
Additionally, it should be noted that layout blinds are not the only type of hunting blinds. There are ground blinds that resemble small huts as well, also known as “pop up” blinds; these are often regarded as portable ground blinds, but they may be transported differently than a layout portable duck blind. Additionally, there are also tower hunting blinds and “coffin” style hunting blinds, neither of which should be transported. When a hunting blind is not portable, it is better for permanent or semi-permanent placement on a legal hunting property.

Making Your Own Portable Hunting Blinds
Portable duck blinds can also be made yourself, which is why you can find the fabric and other materials for making them here. Those materials include includes lightweight, nylon camouflage fabric cuts that are perfect for sewing over your stuffed portable ground blind design. There are numerous patterns online available for constructing these portable waterfowl blinds; look for one that includes exact dimensions for the blind size you need.
A good guideline for dimensions on a two-man portable hunting blind is around seven feet long and three feet wide; however, you can make yours larger if desired. Just remember that the larger your portable blind, the harder it may be to transport. If properly stuffed, a portable duck hunting blind can weigh up to 60 pounds or more. A single-man hunting blind will be shorter and more narrow; if you are making a portable hunting blind for yourself only, you can use a two-man portable ground blind plan and divide the dimensions in half.

Contact Us for Portable Blind Information
If this is your first time purchasing a portable ground blind or making your own portable hunting blind, you may have questions regarding your purchase. Feel free to contact us with your questions before you place an order; we will be happy to offer the tips you need to make an informed decision about portable blinds for hunting, and we may be able to offer you tips to improve the success of your portable blind project.

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