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Up Blind Products for Hunting | Ground, Boat and Pop Up Blinds

There’s no question that a pop up duck blind is the best way to keep the duck, goose or other waterfowl hunter securely hidden from his prey. Experienced hunters agree: Using an up blind is undoubtedly the key to a more successful hunt, because it does an outstanding job of fooling birds into thinking they are alone. This makes it much easier to get them where you want them, get more out of the shots you take and carry a bigger bag at the end of the day.

Can you hunt without them? Sure, but you will enjoy your hunt a lot more if you choose to use an up blind. Your clothing and skin will be better protected from the elements, and you will bag more birds because they will be more likely to fly low, or even approach the ground.

Here’s the lowdown on pop up blinds: A pop up blind may sometimes resemble a tent, but it will always be colored in green or other camouflage colors, and it will always have a window that is wide enough to safely take your shot. Ideally, it may have multiple windows or flaps in it to accommodate every hunter in your party. That’s right; you can find a pop up duck blind that will fit your other hunting companions, so that everyone can hunt in the same proximity and enjoy the day even more.

An Up Blind for Two or More Hunters
If you are hunting anywhere other than your own property (or a place where permanent hunting blinds are already set up for your use), then you will need to take along enough pop up duck blinds to accommodate every hunter on the trip. Fortunately, there are pop up blind products available that accommodate two or more hunters comfortably. When shopping for your up blind, make sure you know the number of hunters you want it to accommodate – and yes, that number should include your hunting dog.

A pop up blind is an essential hunting accessory for any kind of hunter, and that certainly includes canine hunters. So whether you are taking your foxhound out in search of foxes, your beagle out for a rabbit hunt or your Labrador retriever out to capture ducks during a fly-by, you will want to have pop up blinds that can keep both of you safely shielded and concealed from your waterfowl targets. Prey is much more likely to approach if they are unaware of the dog’s presence.

Choosing Pop Up Blinds for Boats
What if you happen to be hunting from a small boat, rather than on the ground? That’s easy: For that occasion, you will need to use a pop up boat blind. There are many different styles of these floating hunter’s blinds, but one thing that all pop up boat blinds have in common is that they fit snuggly and safely over a standard sized canoe or jon boat. Above all other criteria, your pop up boat blind should fit securely enough to ensure that it stays in place.

When selecting pop up blinds for boats, you can choose from one that is printed in green and brown color tones that blend in with the surroundings, or one that is covered in natural or synthetic dried grasses. If you are not sure as to which one is better suited for the area you are hunting in, it may be a good idea to ask another local hunter his opinion – or, you may wish to ask the authorities at the hunting grounds you plan to frequent. It is always advisable to view the hunting guidelines for your destination ahead of time, regardless of how often you plan to hunt there.

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If this is your first time purchasing pop up duck blinds – or, you are interested in attempting to make your own pop up blinds using sturdy, high quality, lightweight, camouflage fabric – then you may certainly have some questions. If so, please contact us for more information before you place an order; we will be happy to offer the tips you need to make an informed decision about your pop up duck blind, and we may be able to offer you tips to improve the success of your up blind, ground or pop up boat blind project.

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