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Using Blind Material for Hunting

When it comes to duck blind material, the important thing is getting the most mileage out of your purchase. There are two types of this material that most duck hunters are familiar with, and both of them can go a long way if they are used properly.

Camo Hunting Blind Fabric 

The first type of blind material is a camo (as in camouflage) fabric, which can be used in a variety of ways. Typically, the camo blind fabric is used by hunters for projects like creating pop-up blinds, or for lining a layout blind before covering it in dried grasses. Whatever its use, this waterfowl blind material is so lightweight that it makes the hunter’s blind much easier to transport than the heavy, scratchy and hard-to-manage material you may find at an outdoor emporium or other hunting supply retailer.

Grass Hunting Blind Rolls

The second type of blind cover that can be purchased in bulk is boat blind material made from dried grasses. These dried grasses are attached to a panel that can be rolled out; it is similar, but not necessarily identical, to a roll of thatch (for example, thatch that would be used for a tiki hut roof).  

The grass hunting blind roll makes an excellent cover when it is draped over a duck boat frame made from PVC pipe – but fortunately, it can be used for much more than covering duck hunting boats. Duck boat blind material can also be used to cover a ground blind frame made from wood or fencing – or, it can simply be placed over the liner of a layout blind to make the blind more realistic looking to waterfowl.

In fact, using any hunter’s blind material is only limited by your imagination! Hunters have become more creative than ever when it comes to making their own blinds.

Why Use Blind Material?

Ask any successful hunter: They will tell you that duck blind material is a necessary part of hunting. Duck hunters use blinds to disguise themselves from the birds they are targeting, and the tactic tends to work very well. Whether hunters use camouflage waterfowl blind material or the dried grass rolls, they will blend in with their natural surroundings when they are covered with either type of blind. This encourages ducks, geese and other waterfowl to fly low, touch down on the ground and get closer to shooting range. That’s what makes blinds so indispensable.

As stated, there are many types of hunting blinds to choose from. A pop-up blind is normally made of the camouflage blind material or sometimes a solid green surface, while a layout blind can be made from the camouflage material, dried grass rolls or both. When making a layout blind, hunters should always use heavy duty plastic on the underside for protecting it from the wet ground. The camo or grass blind can be used to cover the top, and there should be ample cushioning stuffed inside.

How to Use Boat Blind Material

If the hunter is on a boat, then using the dried grass type of hunting blind to cover the boat will make it appear like a naturally built object lightly floating on the surface – a beaver dam or muskrat hut, for example. When ducks and geese see these objects in nature, they aren’t threatened and may opt to land for a drink. This puts them right where the hunter wants them.

If installed properly on top of the boat frame, the grassy duck boat blind material will hang down low so that it covers the hunters entirely and makes the boat itself virtually invisible. If desired, the rolls of material can be cut so that there are spaces in between the grass panels; if you choose to do this, be sure to hang green mesh fabric specifically for boat blinds underneath the grassy cover. The mesh will serve as the protective see-through panel of your boat blind, enabling you to peer out between the panels of grass.

Ask Us Your Duck Blind Material Questions 

If this is your first time purchasing a waterfowl blind material, then you may wish to ask some questions to be sure you are making the best purchase for your specific project. If that is the case, we invite you to contact us today. We will be happy to offer you tips on making the most of your blind material and maximizing its longevity.


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