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Waterfowl Hunting in the Pacific Flyway – Where to Go on this Year’s Trip

Duck hunting and other waterfowl hunting in the Western and Northeastern zones runs every year from October through January. For many avid hunters who wear out their duck blinds year after year in pursuit of the Pacific Flyway’s ducks and geese, the kickoff of the season is the time to restock equipment and consider what spots may be on this year’s big waterfowl hunting trip. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for new hunting spots you may want to discover in the western United States, all of which are based on the top 10 duck hunting states according to major sportsmen publications. Enjoy discovering these new destinations, and don’t forget to find this year’s hunting gear right here.

Waterfowl Hunting in Northern California
People don’t often associate California with waterfowl hunting, but it can be a pleasant surprise for first timers to the state – especially in Northern California, much of which is characterized by a purely rural spirit. Perhaps the best surprises can be found in the San Francisco Bay area, which is a gem hunting destination inside its 10,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge and out. Believe it or not, the bay has a rich fowl population that’s hard to compete with; it’s comprised of canvasbacks, mallards and other divers in addition to dabbling ducks. Depending on the season, it’s possible to find more than 30 species of ducks and geese in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If your trip extends beyond a single weekend, consider continuing the journey up north to some of the region’s privately owned waterfowl hunting establishments. Here are some to consider. Lodi, CA has Valley Waterfowl, which offers a hunting experience designed “for hunters by hunters.” In El Dorado Hills, the Golden Ram Sportsmen’s Club has been hosting avid outdoorsmen since 1971. The Underwood Duck Club is a pleasant surprise that might be worth the trip to Merced County, while Little Dry Creek Duck Club is the place to go in Butte County. And of course, you can’t get much further north than the California/Oregon border – and that’s where places like River Valley Outfitters and Wilderness Unlimited offer an outstanding waterfowl hunting experience. Keeping the trip going into Oregon? Klamath County has a great destination in Roe Outfitters.

Near the state capital, the Northern Flight Duck Club is the duck hunting haven of the Sacramento Valley – and also near the Sacramento River, check out Sattelberg Guide Service, CICC Outdoor Adventures, Clear Creek Sports Club and Fowl Pursuer Outdoor Adventures for guided waterfowl tours. As you may have heard, the Sacramento Valley is also a prime destination for wild pheasant hunting.

Waterfowl Hunting in Central and Southern California
For those who want to check out what kinds of opportunities the Central Valley of California has to offer waterfowl hunting and sportsmen, more surprises await (two words: Ross’s geese). While San Joaquin County (95242) is where to go for freelance hunting, Sonoma County offers a classy hunting trip that doubles as a weekend in wine country. Check out Feather Dog Outfitters in Santa Rosa.

Continuing into Southern California, there are plenty of opportunities in both coastal and rural areas. Some of the most popular include Four Winds Pheasant Club, Raahauges Pheasant Club, Garcia Hunting Preserve and Antelope Valley Sportsman's Club, but there are several more in addition. Pheasant and quail hunters, there’s something here for you too at the Lone Pine Pheasant Club in Phelan. And remember: If you’re in need of new duck blind covers in California, skip Gibson’s Duck Blind Covers and check out our selection instead. We think you’ll be very pleased.

Waterfowl Hunting in Washington State
If you’ve never visited the Pacific Northwest, you may not be aware of the duck hunting treasure trove that waits for you there. From Northeastern Washington to Washington’s northwestern coast, the state is packed with prime hunting, from flooded corn ponds where scoters are swimming to open water that’s teeming with various sea ducks. Even more populated areas – for example, Seattle, Washington, Puget Sound and Whatcom – have something to offer, like the harlequin ducks everyone wants for their trophies or lesser scaups for those who are partial to divers. For smaller destinations, the Samish, Padilla, and Skagit bays are great for Pacific waterfowl as well. Throughout Washington state, the air is crisp, the water is cold, and the hunting is great.

Waterfowl Hunting in Alaska
For private lands open to sportsmen, it’s hard to beat Alaska. The entire state is truly the last great frontier, but the hidden gem for waterfowl hunters is St. Paul Island, Alaska. This 40-mile rock island in the middle of the Bering Strait is a true wild fowl hunter’s paradise. If bagging king eiders and other hard-to-find sea ducks is on your bucket list, then St. Paul Island is where you want to go. Any sportsman’s guide worth the paper it’s printed on will back this up. To order your waterfowl hunting gear before the trip, contact us at the phone number below.

Waterfowl Hunting in Utah
Heading away from the coast but still in the Western Mountain Range? As much as we love the Gila Hollows Duck Club in Arizona, you may also want to check out Utah. As it becomes increasingly more popular for sunset hiking, rock climbing and other adventure tourism, the state is also an emerging destination for hunting ducks and other waterfowl. Here’s where to go for duck hunting in the Beehive State, starting with the capital city. Salt Lake City, Utah may have a growing population, but don’t let that keep you away from the Great Salt Lake. The largest natural lake west of the Mississippi is approximately 75 miles long, 35 miles wide and home to 35 different waterfowl species every year. An estimated 3 to 4 million birds fly over it annually, including green-winged teal, pintails, shovelers and wigeons.

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