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Why Duck Hunting?

Ask that question of any serious duck hunter, and you’re bound to get the response, “Why not?” The type of hunters that spend time on duck hunting websites, sport duck hunting apparel and scour the duck hunting stores (even in the off-season) are so dedicated to their hobby that they may not even be able to articulate an answer. Hunting ducks is just what they do; it’s a part of them.

But if you’re a novice who simply wants to try it out and see if it’s right for you, then the question, “Why duck hunting?” seems perfectly reasonable. After all, ducks are not the only waterfowl out there – and they certainly aren’t the only legal hunting prey. With that in mind, here are some things to consider:

Duck hunting is easy. Well, it can certainly be easier than hunting mammals. If you are someone who fears that you can’t pull off bagging a buck or other four-legged game, then duck hunting is a great way to “get your feet wet” (pun intended) and experience the thrill of hunting without the heavy lifting, transport issues and possession/preparation burdens that come with stalking deer and other larger game.

Sure, some skills are necessary for successfully hunting ducks – but because ducks are airborne, that skill is a bit easier to develop. In a fairly short amount of time, you can develop your “duck hunting stuff” and shoot like a pro. And for those who have emotional hesitations about hunting, duck hunting can definitely be a more comfortable alternative.
If you have a canine companion helping you hunt, that makes your duck hunting tasks even easier. The right dog can retrieve your kills and bring them to you all day long, making your bag fuller in a shorter amount of time. Plus, training your hunting dog can be a fun hobby unto itself.

Some people ask, “Why not geese?” Hunting geese is similarly easy, but geese tend to be harder to come by in some regions. If you have geese in your area, go for it – but if you’re in an area where ducks are plentiful, you’ve hit the hobby jackpot.

Duck hunting is fun. Duck hunting season typically ranges from late October to mid-March in warmer climates, and even longer in states where the climate is cold for longer periods of time throughout the year. That makes duck hunting a hobby you can enjoy more frequently than fishing, and more often than hunting larger game. And if part of the fun is selecting your equipment, then duck hunting is perfect; there are plenty of duck hunting catalogs to explore, both online and off.

Duck hunting gear is minimal. Compared to the gear required to hunt large mammals, duck hunting equipment is fairly negligible. Yes, you need a ground blind or boat blind for effective duck hunting camouflage – but that’s the only large item needed. With all the pop up hunting blinds available today, your blind can be easy to set up, pack up and transport. Duck hunting supplies are far less cumbersome than the equipment needed for four-legged hunting, so if you see a duck hunting sale being advertised, get excited; you can get everything you need quickly and inexpensively!

Duck hunting is affordable. Yes, duck hunting gear is minimal, but it’s also affordable – and that makes a big difference if you’re just starting to explore the hobby. Large mammal hunting can get expensive; some hunters have vehicles that they use exclusively for hunting, and that can be costly. To get your money’s worth on an investment like that, you would need to go out hunting every weekend. But with duck hunting, accessories are marginal enough to justify only hunting a few times a year.

All your duck hunting equipment list really needs to include is duck hunting clothes (namely, duck hunting jackets), in addition to a hunting blind, your firearms or bows, and buckets/ties. Of course, you may wish to “go crazy” with duck hunting stuff – and that’s understandable. It’s a fun hobby, and half the fun is getting the equipment! But regardless, it’s nice to know that duck hunting clothing isn’t going to break your bank account. This is an activity that’s perfect for anyone whose spouse has told them they spend too much on hobbies!

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