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Why Waterfowl Hunting?

Ask that question of any enthusiast of ducks, geese and other waterfowl hunts, and their response will most likely be, “Why not?”

The type of hunters that spend time watching waterfowl hunting videos in order to get the best new tips, buying new waterfowl hunting clothes every season and patronizing waterfowl hunting stores are so devoted to their hobby that they may not even be able to communicate an answer. Waterfowl hunting is just a part of their lives.

But if you’re a beginner who simply wants to try the hobby out this waterfowl hunting season to see if it’s right for you, then wanting to find why people love hunting waterfowl so much seems very sensible. With that in mind, here are some of the top reasons to consider trying it out.

Waterfowl hunting is easy. At the very least, it can certainly be easier than hunting four-legged game. If you are worried you may not be able to, say, bag a buck – whether your limitations are physical or emotional – then hunting waterfowl can be a good way to get some initial hunting experience without any heavy lifting, logistical issues, and possession or preparation burdens that come with hunting deer and other game.

Of course, it is important to develop some skills for successfully hunting waterfowl – but because the birds are smaller than mammals and they divide their time between water and flight, the skills required to hunt them can be somewhat easier to develop. If you follow waterfowl hunting tips from the pros (which are easily found online), then you can become a competent hunter in a relatively short amount of time. If you feel that you may need more assistance your first time out, then you can ask any friends who are experienced at waterfowl hunting to accompany you – or, you can

If you have a canine companion helping you hunt, that can certainly make your waterfowl hunting trips even easier and more enjoyable. That’s because the right dog can retrieve your kills and bring them to you all day long, which can fill up your bag much more quickly.

Waterfowl hunting is multi-seasonal. Waterfowl hunting season typically ranges from late October to mid-March in warmer climates, and even longer in northern regions. That makes waterfowl hunting a hobby you can enjoy for five months out of the year, and in areas where the climate allows for a “late season,” six months of longer. Any hobby you can engage in for half the year is one that is well worth its investment; that means the money you spend on waterfowl hunting equipment is money well spent.

Waterfowl hunting gear is minimal. Compared to the gear required to hunt deer and other four-legged prey, waterfowl hunting equipment is fairly negligible. Yes, you need to invest in hunting blinds to hide yourself from your targets, and you need durable waterfowl hunting clothing – but by and large, these items can be purchased very inexpensively. With all the waterfowl hunting blinds available here, you can find the largest part of your waterfowl hunting equipment for a very affordable price. And in addition to all that, waterfowl hunting gear is far less cumbrous than the equipment needed for other types of hunting.

Waterfowl hunting is affordable. Again, waterfowl hunting gear is both minimal and affordable –something that can be a big plus if you’re just getting started with the hobby. Hunting deer can get very costly, especially when you start factoring in special vehicles and other equipment. To get your money’s worth on an investment like that, you would need to go out hunting quite frequently. But with waterfowl hunting, equipment is inexpensive enough to justify only going out periodically (as most new hunters do).

All your shopping list really needs to include is waterfowl hunting clothing, a hunting blind, your firearms or bows – and of course, some low-cost bags, buckets and ties. Of course, you may wish to “go crazy” with waterfowl hunting gear – which makes sense, because it’s a fun hobby! One of the best things about hunting waterfowl is that you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows.

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