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Why Waterfowl? The Case for Waterfowl Hunting

To serious waterfowl hunters, it’s a question that doesn’t even need to be asked. But to someone who has yet to explore the hobby, it’s perfectly reasonable to wonder what all the fuss is about: the eagerness for “the season,” the excitement of purchasing a new waterfowl boat, and of course, the enthusiasm for all that waterfowl camouflage gear. What’s the big deal?

The enthusiasts will tell you: Waterfowl hunting is a very big deal. To start, waterfowl hunting is much more entry-level friendly than stalking four-legged prey is. The logistics are less cumbersome (both before and after the kill shot), and many times, it can even be more affordable. If you want to experience the thrill of hunting in the most liberating way possible, then waterfowl hunting may be for you.

The Affordability of Waterfowl Hunting
Plus, waterfowl hunters find that the sport tends to be fairly affordable. Yes, waterfowl boats are an investment; but they can be rented, purchased used or even shared among a close-knit group of hunters. Fashioning your own hunting blinds for a waterfowl boat is relatively easy when you have the right materials (found here), and everything else on your must-have waterfowl list can be as simple as you need it to be. Don’t want to invest in fancy bags just yet? You don’t have to. Still saving up for that tricked-out knife? It can be substituted with a basic hunting knife in the meantime.

Just focus on getting the right weapon (whether it is a rifle or a bow and arrow, for example) first; after that, you can start weighing your options on waterfowl boats for sale. Once you have your boat, the next thing to check off your waterfowl list is to find your boat blind supplies here – and then, start creating! Building your own waterfowl boat blinds is a fun project that can be done alone or in a group, and there are numerous plans online for creating them.

Finally, purchase your waterfowl decals, decoys and bird calls – and you’re all set! With a little effort, you can take basic decoys and accessories and make them work for you. For example: Don’t have the budget for motorized decoys? Simply create your own light, quiet motion ripples on the water instead. The true waterfowl hunting enthusiast doesn’t see obstacles – only possibilities!

Hunting Waterfowl Legally and Responsibly
“What waterfowl is legal to hunt?” That’s a great question, and all waterfowl hunters need the answer before getting started. Although the laws vary by state and province throughout North America, legal waterfowl hunting generally encompasses ducks and geese, including Canadian geese. Other waterfowl, such as brands, may be hunted in areas where they are native and legal; check your state agency for details.

There are a wide variety of ducks and geese that are legal to hunt, but above all, it is critical to possess a current hunting license in order to engage in waterfowl hunting legally. This is the case for all migratory bird hunting in the United States, and Canada has its own comparable legislation.

One question occasionally asked by waterfowl hunters is, “Is it legal to hunt swans?” The answer is that it is only legal in certain states – and those states tend to have extremely tight guidelines. Violating those guidelines is punishable by law, and licensed hunting guides are duty bound to report violators of the law to the state (some will even report to the federal Department of Wildlife). Although swan hunting is generally frowned on in North America, some states allow for permitted swan hunting with a very strict limit (one swan per hunting season is a common guideline).

If you are truly interested in swan hunting, it is best to check with your state’s Department of Fish and Game, Department of Wildlife or other agency that governs waterfowl hunting. We do not encourage hunters to purchase waterfowl boats for the sole purpose of swan hunting, but it is certainly practical to purchase them for duck or goose hunting because those targets can be pursued much more ethically and liberally.

We Have What’s On Your Waterfowl List
New waterfowl hunters, experienced hunters stocking up, and people returning to the hobby after a few seasons away…no matter which category you’re in, we probably have what you need right here. This is where you can find hunting blinds, waterfowl decals and other accessories, right after you find waterfowl boats for sale and make that important investment. If you have any further questions about waterfowl hunting supplies, feel free to contact us; we will be glad to speak with you!

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